Organizational Excellence

People are your most important resource. Without your people, nothing happens. With your people, you conquer the world. Stonehill helps you design the optimal organization for your strategy & environment, helps you find and keep the people you need, and helps you create a culture to let your people, and hence your customers and business, thrive.

Organizational Design - Effective companies begin with effective organizations, and that begins with a healthy, well-designed organization that supports your strategic objectives and operating model. Stonehill helps its clients design best-in-class org structures that control costs, speed up decision-making, and keep executives close to their customers.

Talent & Leadership Management - The competition for talent is fierce. If you don’t create career paths for talented employees and for the company’s potential future leaders, then your competitor will. Most business leaders regret losing a top performer, but few business leaders develop a robust responsive system to avoid regrettable attrition in the first place.

Recruiting & Onboarding - Recruiting is a core process for every HR department, and many recruiting processes are in major need of an overhaul and redesign. Top-tier recruiting processes focus on output, not input, are standardized across the org, and are agile.

Performance Management - Performance reviews get a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Good performance reviews are a major driver of high morale, an inspired workforce, low regrettable attrition, and a dynamic agile culture of accountability and results.

Culture - Culture is everything not written down – all the behaviors, expectations, norms, and customs that accumulate in a group of people. A top culture is one of the few sustained competitive advantages, because it’s so hard to replicate. The wrong culture is like a tax, and changing culture requires commitment from every level of leadership.

People Analytics - Big data provides a wealth of information and helps to manage the process, but also finds areas to improve the candidate journey. We work with our clients to create a recruiting and retention scorecard with both results and leading indicators. We leverage the scorecard to manage items such as time to hire, time to selection, time-based retention, and candidate success.