Design Thinking

At Stonehill, we leverage Design Thinking as our primary methodology.  Design Thinking is a formal process that allows for the creation of practical, innovative, and cost effective resolutions that enhance the customer experience.  We start with the end outcome in mind, working backwards to discover a innovative and unique solution. The solutions are human-centered ensuring that the needs of the audience are priority one in the development of each idea.

Design Thinking Process

  1. Empathize – We start by learning about the audience and the overall customer journey.  We map individual touchpoints and look to understand how the organization influences the outcomes. We review organizational design, current processes, customer interactions, and place ourselves within the experience.  We perform research via customer interviews, observational collection, third party information, and team member interviews. We immerse ourselves and look for opportunities to make the experience better. This process provides a unique perspective and provides information to create world class experiences.  

  2. Define – Our team leverages the information gathered in the initial phase and constructs a point of view that is based on the needs of the customer.  We search for opportunities to exceed customer expectations, create unique experiences, and differentiate your brand. We frame opportunities, identify strategic initiatives, and prioritize ideas based on the level of influence it will have on the customer experience.

  3. Ideate – No problem has a single solution and we feel the best ideas come from collaboration. We bring together a cross-functional team and create as many solutions as possible. Our team works together to filter ideas, combine individual elements, and look for innovative disruption. We refine the ideas based on feasibility, desirability, and viability. Our efforts are brought together in a tactical approach to develop a prototype of the recommendation.  

  4. Prototype – With an idea in hand, we design, build, and implement a model to test our hypothesis. We measure the outcomes and compare against original benchmarks.  Did the solution make a significant impact or only result in a minor enhancement?  We use these tests to refine the ideas, and in some cases, leverage the alternative solutions that were defined in the ideate process.

  5. Test – Once we have a working prototype that is showing results, we help to implement the idea across the enterprise.  We work alongside our customers to ensure that the enhancement is fully implemented.  Our process evaluates acceptance, results, and sustainability. In order to ensure implementation we also address items like cultural change, training, and management scorecards.