Venture Design

Sometimes established companies don’t have the right combination of entrepreneurial and innovative tools to finance, design and manage a new business. Gathering the right team of experts and resources to develop a startup can be difficult, especially if that team doesn’t have the skills to generate unique business ideas or produce the necessary business models to launch a new venture.

Venture Design is a ready solution, a blueprint that can be quickly executed and scaled up, that has ideas and knowledge that can be sold or licensed. The key is to scale a new business rapidly and efficiently. Venture design also offers a way to raise funds, secure partners, and recruit management. The blueprint combines critical elements to establish a business model, financial plans, market analysis, and technological innovation, while also evaluating the needs of future customers.   

At Stonehill, we use Venture Design as a service tailored toward the creation of standalone companies, turnkey operations that are managed independently and financed externally. Stonehill uses a holistic, human-centered approach, beginning from the customer’s needs and experience. We use ethnographic models based on real-life observations to create the starting points for these ventures.