Orginizational Effectiveness

Our goal is to make your organization a the most revered team in your industry.  We work to define your employer brand, market your careers, recruit talent, and create memorable moments for your team members.  We align people to accomplish goals that would not ordinarily be achievable.  Our belief is that organizations separate themselves by the talent on their team.  Attracting, retaining, and aligning your team provides a competitive edge and turns companies into thought leaders. 

Employer Branding

Employer branding starts with the definition of your EVP or Employee Value Proposition.   Why your organization is different and what can an individual accomplish here, that they cant anywhere else?  What are your values, why is it great to work with your team, and what is your organizations higher purpose?  With a well thought out EVP and core differentiators we develop content to identify with potential candidates drive and emotional connection.  We create job ads, recruiter scripts, videos, press releases, blogs, and digital ads.  The content is syndicated across the appropriate channels in order to capture the attention of the correct candidates and put your company on their employer short list.

  • Candidate Definition
  • Employer Differentiation
  • Succession Planning
  • Benefits Review
  • Job Descriptions
  • Branding - PR, Content, Social media, Video, Awards

Recruiting Excellence

The basics are still important and need to be executed flawlessly.  After defining the brand and applying messaging, we place job ads, proactively contact potential candidates, and manage the interview process.  We spend time to understand the traits of your ideal candidate and segment our activities to achieve the best possible results.  We work to prioritize the resumes based on initial criteria and provide hiring managers with access to a prioritized resume database.  We schedule the interviews and provide an easy channel for feedback from the interviewing team.  Our process helps to ensure a quick journey from resume to candidate identification.

  • Ad Placement
  • Universities Relations
  • Headhunting
  • Resume Prioritization
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Test Development – Culture / Skill
  • Candidate Feedback 

Training and Engagement

Finding a great candidate is only the beginning!  Our belief is that the candidate experience continues through offer acceptance, onboarding, and career training.   We help our clients to develop custom training based on defined career paths.  The training is custom to their company and delivered via text, imagery, video, and testing. Leveraging story, video, and interactivity we ensure the candidate is excited about their new role and trained so they can provide value faster than anticipated.   We reinforce retention by helping to brand executives, managing employee events, and providing community involvement opportunities.

  • Process Identification
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Content Delivery and Testing
  • Onboarding Training
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Management Coaching
  • Executive Branding
  • Event Management

People Analytics

Big data provides a wealth of information and helps to manage the process, but also finds areas to improve the candidate journey.    We work with our clients to create a recruiting and retention scorecard with both results and leading indicators.  We leverage the scorecard to manage items such as time to hire, time to selection, time based retention, and candidate success.  We leverage this information to improve our messaging, recruiting process, and onboarding materials.   We benchmark against industry standards and our portfolio of clients.  We meet with our customers on a monthly basis to review the information, define strategies for improvement, and outline plans for execution.

  • Scorecard
  • Benchmarking
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Optimization
  • Review