Stonehill Sponsors Airfest 2018 Through its 1% for the Community Initative

Tampa, FL (May 8, 2018) - Stonehill announced today that it has agreed to sponsor Airfest 2018 at Macdill Air Force Base.  Airfest is one of the largest air shows managed by the the Department of Defense.  It is held each year in Tampa, FL to highlight the missions, traditions and heritage of the military services.  Approximately 750,000 people crowd the flight line during the event.  

Stonehill sponsored the event as part of its 1% for the Community Initiative.  The initiative donates 1% of Stonehill's overall revenue to causes that make for a healthier, smarter, or cleaner  community. Stonehill's headquarters is in Tampa, FL.  Other organizations that have benefited from the initiative include USF Health and the Tampa General Hospital Foundation.

“I was an Air Force brat growing up and really enjoyed the airshows I attended as a child,” said Doug Pace, President and CEO of Stonehill.  “Airshows provided an outlet that give us insight into my father’s career as a Colonel in the United States Air Force.”

About Stonehill
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