Stonehill CEO to Speak on the Value of Design Thinking for Higher Education at Florida Virtual Campus' Professional Development Day

(November 1, 2018) - Stonehill announced today that its CEO, Doug Pace, will speak on the value of Design Thinking for higher education at Florida Virtual Campus' Professional Development Day.  Design Thinking is a formal process that allows for the creation of practical, innovative, and cost-effective strategies that enhance the customer experience.   Higher education has been under a period of disruption because of changing student demographics, shifting workforce demands, and new technologies.  Design Thinking can help higher education institutions by providing an innovation framework to develop new business models, enhance course delivery, and create strategic partnerships.


Working collaboratively with Florida’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, 74 K-12 school districts, and other partners, Florida Virtual Campus provides state-funded services to help students go to college, succeed in school, prepare for career success, and thrive in life after graduation. Florida Virtual Campus requested the assistance of Mr. Pace based on his reputation as a design thinking thought leader and his experience in developing design thinking and innovation labs. 


Mr. Pace has been considered one of the most innovative minds in consulting and strategy for over two decades.  He is a recognized expert on the implementation of Design Thinking strategies and has spoken at numerous international events including the annual IQPC Design Thinking Conference in Austin, TX.  He has been recognized as one of the most influential consultants in the United States by Consulting Magazine and has been a finalist for United States Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year.


“I am very excited to be working with Florida Virtual Campus” said Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill. “My passion for higher education makes this a unique opportunity.  I look forward to helping them embrace human-centric design.”

About Stonehill

Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy.   As recognized experts in Design Thinking, Customer Experience, and Business Intelligence, Stonehill helps companies to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth.   Our teams consist of an innovative blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management experts, giving us the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences.  Stonehill has been recognized by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for Startup of the year, the US Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist for Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.