CEO - Douglass E Pace

Doug Pace has been considered one of the most innovative minds in management consulting and marketing strategy for over two decades.  As CEO of Stonehill he leads the vision of the firm and enjoys working directly with the firm’s portfolio of clients.   Doug founded Stonehill with the vision of bringing agile management practices found in entrepreneurial organizations to large companies.  He found that his approach also provided process and structure to small organizations allowing them to accelerate their growth.  Doug is a noted speaker on business design, marketing strategy, building innovative cultures, and Design Thinking.

President - R Troy Atlas

Troy Atlas is a dedicated and motivating executive with 30 years of industry experience in sales management, operations and consulting. He believes the combination of design, business intelligence, and process engineering can drive results in any business. In his role as President of Stonehill, Troy is entrusted with driving the firm’s initiatives and managing its growth strategy.  Troy enjoys working with select clients to help them use Design Thinking to innovate and create competitive differentiation.

Analyst - Julie Stollings

Julie Stollings has almost a decade of experience in sales, marketing and retail. She is particularly passionate about building trusting relationships with customers, better understand their needs, and designing solutions that exceed their expectations. Prior to joining Stonehill she managed a niche retail business with physical and online operations.